Totara Meadows 104-Home Subdivision

Project Description

The Totara Meadows development is a residential subdivision in the fast-growing Manukau area – a calm haven of modern family homes in a vibrant and diverse community. The designs included a mix of free-standing and duplex residential single-level homes.


  • 104 free-standing and duplex houses
  • 2- to 3-bedroom single-level residential homes
  • Multi-stage development


Our client specified the subdivision layout, house floor areas and number of bedrooms per home. We had the freedom to design the actual floor layouts. Each home has an internal-access garage. The duplexes are joined at the garage walls to provide additional privacy and to make the most of the land area within this medium-density development.

How we created variety in the subdivision

We looked for ways to boost the visual appeal of the streetscape. These included varying the textures, colours and rooflines on the building exteriors. All houses are single level with brick and weatherboard exteriors – as specified in the project brief – but this still provided plenty of scope for designing an inviting neighbourhood.

Managing the design and build process

There were 3 stages to the development. Stage 1 was completed and sold while the following stages were still going through design and consent – making this larger-scale project easier to manage.




Manukau, Auckland




property development, subdivisions

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